TS18 Pre-Cut Wing Kit (190mm)

for 190mm TC

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The TS18 wing takes its design from the Type-S race body, but adds extra thickness. The medium weight polycarbonate provides a neutral feeling for your 190mm touring car, great for almost any track surface.

Conveniently pre-cut, the TS18 also includes pre-cut 40mm x 20mm endplates, double-sided tape, and mounting hardware.

Please note: All bodies are sold in crystal clear polycarbonate and are painted for advertising purposes only.
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1728-17 | TS18 Pre-Cut Wing Kit

  • Conveniently pre-cut with endplates and tape included
  • Neutral handing feeling
  • Made in the USA

  • Pre-cut TS18 Wing (1 pc)
  • Pre-cut end plates (2 pcs)
  • High-strength double-sided tape (1 pc)
  • Wing hardware (4 pcs)

Width incl. tape & endplates:   187mm
Weight incl. tape & endplates   9g

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